Example Solutions - Media Search

Media Search

A sample media search web app that demonstrates how to ingest and query from a long-form science periodical, Quanta Magazine

A Vectara sample app showing search of long-form content such as magazines, newspapers, scientific and legal journals
The Basics

The Vectara-created Quanta Sample App is a web application with the following interfaces: 

  • A landing page that is clean and simple;  a search box and suggested or sample queries ideas.
  • Results page that defaults to 10 results, but includes a slider for the number of results that is user-adjustable.
  • Results listings that include the document name, with hyperlink to Quanta Magazine site for full review of the document.
  • Result listings that provide a bolded snippet of the exact matching string, surrounded by a preceding and succeeding sentence.
How to Use

This sample app is not tied materially to Quanta Magazine, or even media in general. It can be used to display content in a three sentence form from any document source.  The sample app shows how to ingest data, how to use document id and offset appropriately