The Power of Hybrid Search with Vectara

Aug 29, 2023 | 11:00 am PT


When deploying Generative AI applications, often the outcome is only effective as the initial search and retrieval. To ensure the most optimal generative results, Vectara employs multiple search approaches to yield the most comprehensive results for developing chatbots and question/answer systems.  

Vectara introduces hybrid search, a large language model (LLM) based and Keyword (Boolean exact) retrieval to retrieve the most relevant products, support cases, and documents that answer your users’ questions first. Hybrid search supports models optimized for semantic understanding but also for exact and boolean for things like product and person names. Many other models are good at one, but not both simultaneously. Join Head of Product, Shane Connelly, as we discuss the evolution of keyword, semantic, and LLM-retrieval-based systems and the road to widespread adoption.

Webinar: The Power of Hybrid Search with Vectara
We’ll introduce you to
  • What Hybrid Search is
  • How Hybrid Search works
  • Why Semantic Search and Exact Match Search are both needed
  • Temperature and how you use it to provide the best answers
  • A demo of Vectara's Hybrid Search in action
Speaker Headshot
Shane Connelly

Head of Product

Shane has over a decade of experience working in developer-focused search, NLP, and machine learning systems at companies including Kong, Elastic and HP.

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