LLM-powered search that delivers incredible relevance.

What is Vectara?

Vectara is LLM-powered search-as-a-service. The platform provides a complete ML search pipeline from extraction and indexing to retrieval, re-ranking and calibration. Every element of the platform is API-addressable. Developers can embed the most advanced NLP models for app and site search in minutes.

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Vectara automatically extracts text from PDF and Office to JSON, HTML, XML, CommonMark, and many more.

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Encode at scale with cutting edge zero-shot models using deep neural networks optimized for language understanding.

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Segment data into any number of indexes storing vector encodings optimized for low latency and high recall.

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Recall candidate results from millions of documents using cutting-edge, zero-shot neural network models.

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Increase the precision of retrieved results with cross-attentional neural networks to merge and reorder results.

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Zero in on the true likelihoods that the retrieved response represents a probable answer to the query.

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Find Everything You Are Looking For With LLM-Powered Search

The way people search is changing. They ask questions. They use shorthand. They make typos. They use voice to search. Today, search users ask big questions and expect amazing results, immediately. Every user wants to be heard and understood. Vectara radically changes how developers manage search. Developers who use Vectara do not need to address the complexity of human language from plurals, verb tenses, idioms, synonym lists, pragmatics and language packs to deliver incredibly relevant results.

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The Future is Neural Search

At Vectara, we believe the future interfaces for text data will be powered by NLP. Application developers will use well-platformed neural networks to process data in every form, from user generated content and web sites to research papers and legal contracts. Developers will build data features that enable better decision support, provide question answering, improve customer experience, monitor for fraud and abuse and accelerate end-user support, to name just a few neural search applications.

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Built for Developers

We start with the developer experience. Developers love Vectara. The platform provides a complete, but composable search pipeline that is API-addressable at every level. Vectara is LLM-powered search-as-a-service. The platform is highly available with industry-leading low-latency response and horizontal scalability able to service the world’s largest apps and sites. Vectara’s API-based platform enables cross-team collaboration from data engineers to ML teams and application engineers, but can be just as easily deployed by a team of 1.

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Language Agnostic

Imagine the possibilities when a world of information, regardless of the language it was written in, is available to your users. Vectara is a cross-language search platform, powered by incredible breakthroughs in neural search. It empowers users to access information in a different language than their query. A scientific paper written in Mandarin or Arabic is instantly retrieved and ready for translation by a user asking for it in German. Shift the focus from keywords in specific languages to ideas and conversations across languages.

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“Vectara is easy to use, fast, and reliable. The neural reranker is a powerful and useful feature for consistently delivering search results with high relevance from several document types that our customers index on our enterprise wiki. Vectara's API requires minimal effort to maintain in production and the feature updates have been impressive.”

Ahmet Ugur

Senior Software Developer, Metus

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