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About Vectara

Vectara’s mission is to help the world find meaning through search. The company uses the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and neural network technologies for natural language processing to deliver unparalleled search relevance.

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The Future of Search

The way people search is changing. We believe that search in every application – SaaS app, mobile app, ecommerce site, media property, website, enterprise data-lake and beyond – will be powered by semantic search within the next five years. As AI powers search, search itself will provide the primary response for almost every question, by both human and application requests, for information retrieval, related content, recommendations, and user intent across document, image, video and voice.

What Problem Do We Solve?

Until recently, search technologies have been keyword based. With advances in the use of AI and natural language processing, Vectara is expanding the role and application of search. Vectara’s semantic search platform delivers dramatic improvement in understanding questions and answering with more relevant information. Vectara is different from any search you have used prior:

  • Vectara provides developers a pure neural search platform with production-ready natural language processing.
  • Vectara empowers developers to embed search within their applications using a fully API-addressable platform with a complete, composable search pipeline.
  • Vectara enables support and marketing solutions that allow you to respond faster and more accurately by understanding the true meaning of your user’s words and questions.

About Vectara

Vectara is a semantic search software company that enables customers to understand exactly what their users are asking – no matter how they ask – to provide extraordinarily relevant results. Our 100% neural search technology provides radical increases in search relevance when compared with keyword-based algorithms. Vectara’s complete search pipeline is available through an API-first platform that allows developers to easily add semantic search within their sites and applications.

Our Founders

Dr. Amr Awadallah

Co-Founder & CEO

Amin Ahmad

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Tallat Shafaat

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Our Investors

Spark Labs

Additionally, many technology pioneers have invested in Vectara, including founders of WhatsApp, Slack, and Palantir.

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We’re Hiring

If you are interested in exploring roles on the Vectara team, take a look at our open positions.

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