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Healthcare Without Hallucinations

Patient Care that is Beyond Compare. Vectara helps healthcare organizations to increase patient and clinician satisfaction by affording them more quality time together.

In Healthcare, the stakes for generative AI accuracy have never been higher.

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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Holds the Key to Making AI Smart on Medical Terminology

Navigate the complexity of healthcare data with AI that understands context and meaning. Surface more diverse results to ensure providers have the best information at their fingertips to save lives.
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Use Cases

  1. Question-answering services that automate health insurance before authorization and claims processing.
  2. Semantic app search that finds the most relevant information from your data set to accelerate drug discovery and development and get new products to market faster for less. 
  3. Conversational AI powering virtual assistants used for medical training and patient simulations to upskill healthcare providers.
  4. Smart research and analysis tools that automate mundane administrative tasks, improving employee morale and allowing more time for patient care.
  5. Multilingual frontline chatbot to help human staff respond to patient questions quickly and accurately in any language.
  6. AI-powered search engines that can help optimize experimental design to accelerate R&D in pharmaceuticals and medical technology. 
  7. Chatbot assistants that help employees monitor current and evolving regulations to ensure compliance.
  8. Practitioner question-answering platform built on owned clinical data to speed up recall of patient history and improve coordination across a patient’s care team.
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Answers Rooted in Your Own Data

LLMs are great at retrieving knowledge across massive public data sets and interact with users in a natural chat experience. However, even the largest LLMs have limitations to the data on which they were trained. Even then, information is compressed, often losing critical context. Vectara uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to ensure that answers are rooted and cited in your own documents. You can upskill generative AI with your domain knowledge without costly fine-tuning.

Ask Questions and Receive Answers Across Languages

Remove the barriers to knowledge access by allowing users to ask questions in any language and receive generative responses across languages.

Open generative AI up to your whole organization by leveraging the powerful cross-language capabilities of the Vectara Platform. Vectara insights are based on meaning, not keywords. Receive superior results with the full context across languages, all with no additional engineering or management.

Client-Configurable Data Retention and Access Control

Ensure data and patient privacy with advanced enterprise-grade security and access controls. Eliminate the risk of prompt attacks and configure generative responses to avoid sensitive information. Utilize the Vectara Factual Consistency Score to ensure the highest reliability for generative responses.

“The value of bedside ultrasound is highly dependent upon the skills of the medical practitioner performing the ultrasound exam. SonoSim is excited to be partnering with Vectara to translate recent LLM AI advances into making ultrasound education and skills training more effective and accessible.”

Eric Savitsky, CEO of SonoSim

Eric Savitsky, Chief Executive Officer



SonoSim “Success Story”

Sonosim needed to build an advanced search interface for question-answering to allow users to find content across multiple corpora collections. With Vectara, Sonosim was able to demonstrate the value of AI for their central use case, increase efficiency and adoption of their training platform, and leverage grounded generation to increase the accuracy of search results.

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