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Legal Teams

Time is money in Law. Increase efficiency, quality, performance and save money on repeated tasks with AI human-assist.

Legal is ready for Trusted GenAI with Vectara.

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Why Now is the Time for Legal to Adopt AI Wisely

The adoption of novel technologies in the legal world can be summed up in one word – Risk. Not all GenAI is created equal. As an early pioneer in Retrieval Augmented Generation (AKA Grounded Generation), we’ve all but eliminated risk by grounding in facts and providing complete explainability. If you are sensitive to mitigating bias, copyright infringement, and hallucinations, let Vectara show you the power and possibility of our Generative AI.
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Use Cases

  • Research & Analysis (Question Answering) – Help paralegals find the right information faster using semantic search. Reduce overseas labor costs on repetitive tasks and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Conversational AI – Virtual legal assistants (AKA Chatbots) that you can have a conversation with to explore case law legal archives. Get the answers you seek with citations to the facts.
GenAI: Build vs. Buy Cost Comparison Table

Build vs. Buy: Solved

You want to maximize Time to Value (TTV) while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and building in-house mitigates some risk factors. True. However, be an expert in your field, not orchestrating new technologies. Vectara enables vast capabilities via simple APIs, offloading much technical debt to our team of experts. Get up and running faster, with more expertise, and accelerate the benefits of AI while staying up to date in this rapidly evolving field without the burden of a DS/ML team.

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Why Vectara is Trusted

  • Founders include early members from Google’s AI Research team
  • Industry-leading Retrieval model – “Boomerang
  • Thought leaders who developed Open Source HHEM leaderboard, which tracks and measures Hallucinations in Foundation Models (OpenAI, Cohere, Titan, Mistral, etc.)
  • Personalized service, which Big Cloud and open source can’t deliver

Experience Vectara: Ask Illinois LegalAid Demo

Perhaps you are just getting started in GenAI – there’s a lot to learn. But outside of ChatGPT, what’s possible? We want you to experience the full power of Vectara’s question-answering and conversational AI. That’s why we’ve created some Demo Apps across verticals. But if you want to see how effectively Vectara answers legal questions, check out AskIllinoisLegal and experience it for yourself.

Try Ask Illinois Legal

Legal teams know GenAI is a multiplier.

Vectara is a GenAI multiplier.

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