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Your Production Line, AI Optimized. Generative AI is expected to hold immense potential in areas such as product design, aftermarket services, and supply chain management.

Use GenAI to upskill and reskill the labor force, streamline processes to cut costs, and navigate a hostile economic and regulatory environment.

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Leading Manufacturers’ Factories Can Generate Multiple Petabytes of Data Per Week

Generative AI can unlock the real potential of your data with a powerful conversational interface.
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Use Cases

  1. Conversational AI that synthesizes company data and the wisdom of veteran workers, enabling workforce upskilling in any location or language
  2. Research and analysis platforms that help R&D new materials and novel designs faster, more efficiently, and across languages
  3. Multilingual question-and-answer services available 24/7 to help make sense of changing policies, regulations, and compliance
  4. Intelligent multilingual chatbots that automate routine customer service or vendor questions
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Easily Make your AI Tools Relevant with RAG

Vectara is an end-to-end RAG platform that leverages the expansive knowledge of Large Language Models coupled with a RAG system that allows you to ground responses and consistently scale your corpus. Vectara’s Boomerang model offers the industry’s best in multi-lingual retrieval while our factual consistency score double-checks answers for reliability. This ultimately empowers end users to navigate to the most reliable and contextually relevant information.

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Cross-Lingual Operation

Your workforce spans across languages and geographies, so should your AI.

Vectara breaks down every word into the meaningspace allowing you to retrieve relevant information across languages and generate answers in any language. This means users can ask a question in any language and get a response in any language, without loosing the fidelity of the response.

Configurable Data Retention and Fine Grained Access Control

Enterprise controls and security give users world-class data protection.

Vectara supports client-configurable data retention and access control. This helps companies mitigate the risks of prompt attacks and gives them control over their data. Vectara never trains on customer data, meaning your IP and innovation is yours. Vectara is designed to address the security and IP protection needs to regulated industries.

 “Obeikan Group envisions GenAI as a catalyst for fostering innovation within its corporate ecosystem. The implementation of artificial intelligence not only optimizes operational workflows but also enables the group to proactively adapt to dynamic market conditions. By leveraging the capabilities of GenAI, the group anticipates staying agile in an ever-evolving business landscape. This strategic integration emphasizes the conglomerate’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological progress while ensuring unparalleled service delivery to its diverse customer base.”


Abdallah Obeikan, CEO



Obeikan: “Question Answering” for Manufacturing

Obeikan Investment Group is using Vectara for its smart manufacturing platform. Manufacturing involves many time-consuming, tedious, and laborious functions. Since every business is different, it can be a challenge for manufacturers to maximize productivity and minimize waste. Manufacturing plants needed help to optimize their operations and make the best decisions for their business. Obeikan Group responded to this need by developing O3, a digital manufacturing consultant that adapts to all business needs, automates time-intensive tasks, and delivers centralized dashboards and decision-making tools that cover end-to-end operations.

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