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Vectara’s AI-based neural search-as-a-service challenges keyword-based searches

Is there a better way to build a search tool that produces more highly relevant results than just using keyword-based techniques?

What we’re hearing

Vectara is transforming how we interact with content with its powerfully accurate neural search, made accessible to developers through its API-first platform. By dramatically widening access to NLP, Vectara is shaking up the industry and changing the world.

We jumped at the opportunity to be an inception investor at Vectara. The founders bring amazing insights as technologists and operators at the largest hyperscale companies in the world to further enhance and simplify the search experience for a global audience.

Vectara's neural search platform puts the most advanced NLP in the hands of almost any enterprise developer, making search results instantly more relevant and intuitive. I am grateful and proud to support Vectara's formidable team in its disruptive mission.

Vectara is as exciting a platform as I’ve seen - providing a complete search pipeline from extraction and indexing to retrieval, rerank and calibration. Thrilled to be a part of their journey.

Vectara is disrupting the neural search space by simplifying how developers can rely on Vectara’s search pipeline to have unstructured data to search in minutes. The team is the most exciting we've seen in this space combining decades of top research and product experiences.

Addressing the product search problem remains a challenge for most companies, including the biggest players. Democratizing the power of new generation search via neural networks and large language models is a major challenge that Vectara is addressing innovatively and with focus.

SparkLabs' partnership has been involved in various aspects of neural search for over 20 years. Vectara's core technology, strategy, and team immediately excited our partners as a game changer for a space that hasn't seen major innovations in over a decade.

As a purpose-driven VC, we back tech founders on a mission to make a billion and impact a billion, and we believe in Vectara's ability to deliver on both! Vectara brings meaning to online search and can impact society in ways we can’t begin to imagine.

Vectara harnesses the power of NLP advances to bring much-needed innovation to search and deliver a transformative developer-first search platform and game-changing improvements in product search outcomes.

We're proud to partner with Vectara on its mission to deploy proprietary neural networks that enhance search. The ability to embed human logic into search to understand what users mean by what they search will power the search capabilities of the next wave of Internet businesses.

The Vectara team is exceptional in their ability to take the latest advances in natural language understanding and seamless multilingual support, and bring it to mainstream users as a turnkey search solution. The team's technical capability and customer focus are impressive.

Vectara is recognized in the PitchBook Data Q3 2022 AI/ML report highlighting our contributions to innovations in neural search. 🎉

About Vectara

Developed by a world-class team of AI/ML scientists and search engineers, Vectara makes it easy for web developers and application engineers to apply blazingly fast neural search to applications and sites to help users feel heard and understood.

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