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Your GenAI Partner

Our commitment to value co-creation and mutual success is intrinsic to Vectara’s Ecosystem Partnerships, designed to foster collective enrichment for “Better Together” differentiation.

Vectara Ecosystem Partnerships

Vectara is committed to enabling customers and partners to seize this future-shaping GenAI moment. Thriving in the era of GenAI can only be accomplished through collaboration that strives to remove barriers to entry, for business and technical stakeholders, to adopt this transformative technology. Underpinning Vectara’s Ecosystem Partnerships is the cultivation of three distinct additive go-to-market pillars:  Co-Innovate, Co-Engage, and Co-Influence.

With a unique program experience and redefined incentive model, Vectara is fostering better alignment to the dynamics and reality of Ecosystem Partnering motions, with focus on rewarding value-based impact and celebrating mutual success.

Ecosystem Paths

Why Partner with Vectara

Reimagining the partnering paradigm, we’ve embarked on a journey relentlessly focused on value co-creation and celebrating mutual success. We’ve  engrained Partnerships into our DNA  to cultivate Partner trust, empowerment, and delightful experiences for our Partner Ecosystem.

Gain Proficiency in GenAI

Access exclusive enablement tools and resources, and engage our team and Ecosystem community to deepen your GenAI market relevance

Co-Create Value in GenAI

Infuse GenAI to enhance your product or solution practice by eliminating technical complexity to deliver transformative outcomes

Differentiate with GenAI

Reap the benefits of the industry’s most sophisticated zero-shot language-agnostic LLM retrieval models and gain the competitive advantage

Ecosystem Rewards & Qualifications

Ecosystem Alignment

Incubating a deliberate Partner Ecosystem to deliver “Better Together” GenAI value creation

  • Co-Innovate Partnerships → Building joint IP/Products and “Powered by Vectara” solutions to enhance product offerings and accelerate GenAI development efforts
  • Co-Engage Partnerships → Collaborating to align and capitalize on a shared market opportunity by building relationships to reach, educate, and deliver joint solutions
  • Co-Influence Partnerships  → Aligning to advocate and shape market direction and behavior by engaging on shared insights, research, and thought leadership for impact
Ecosystem Rewards

Embracing value co-creation & celebrating mutual success on GenAI market opportunity.

Co-Innovate, Co-Engage, Co-Influence

  • Industry expert assistance with customer’s GenAI journeys
  • Support alignment to deliver end-customer onboarding & success
  • Practice enablement with sales/technical training, tools, & resources
  • Co-sell support on end-customer engagements (Co-Engage/Co-Innovate)
  • Co-marketing alignment on content, events, blogs, social, press releases
  • Participation in Partner performance-based incentives (Co-Engage/Co-Innovate)
  • Opportunity to influence product roadmap & access to early features
  • Validated “Powered by Vectara” solution support & GTM (Co-Innovate)
  • Inclusion into Vectara’s Partner Ecosystem Showcase (in development)
  • Eligibility for Executive sponsorship by Vectara R&D and GTM leadership
  • Eligibility for Vectara Partner Awards to celebrate achievements & impact
  • Opportunity to engage & collaborate with Vectara’s Ecosystem community
Ecosystem Qualifications

Having a shared understanding & alignment of GenAI market opportunity.

Co-Innovate & Co-Engage

  • Synergies in Delivering GenAI Outcomes to End-Customers
  • Complete Vectara Ecosystem Partnerships Application
  • Activate your free Vectara Platform account
  • Complete Vectara’s Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement*
  • As applicable, complete Vectara’s Partnerships Term Sheet*
  • Build, Integrate, Validate Joint IP/Solution (Co-Innovate)
  • Provide Initial Prospect/Opportunity Pipeline (Co-Engage)
  • Joint Partnership Business Planning & Quarterly Reviews*
  • New Customer Acquisitions & Case Studies/Success Stories
  • Material Contribution of Customer’s Vectara Consumption


  • Synergies in GenAI Industry Brand/Impact Relevance
  • Complete Vectara Ecosystem Partnerships Application
  • Complete Vectara’s Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement*
  • Synergies and Inclusion on Industry Discussions & Events

* Vectara will provide a collaborative template

Ecosystem Partnerships

“We’ve embarked on a journey to reshape Ecosystem value and ‘Humanize Partnerships’ in the age of GenAI. In this journey, Partner Trust, Empowerment, and Delightful Experiences embody Vectara’s Ecosystem principles to co-create ‘Better Together’ market value and solve business and technical outcomes for customers.”

Bader Hamdan


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of partners can join Vectara’s Ecosystem Partnerships program?

We designed Vectara’s Ecosystem Partnerships program to focus on co-creating value for mutual end-customers. All partner businesses that can benefit from driving additive go-to-market motions are encouraged to join.

Where can I go to discover and learn about Vectara’s Partner Ecosystem landscape?

Vectara is reimagining a new way for both customers and partners to find value. In the near future, we’ll announce a unique Partner Ecosystem Showcase experience; stay tuned!

What happens once I submit my Partnership application?

Vectara’s Partnerships team will reach out to connect and collaborate on next steps.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or need support in the program?

Please reach out to Vectara Partnerships or for Startups & Portfolio Partners.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Vectara? Let’s build the “art of possible” with GenAI and co-shape the future together!

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