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Language Agnostic

Vectara is language agnostic. With Vectara, users can search content that has been indexed in any of the world’s most widely-written languages. Users ask questions in their preferred language and get the best results irrespective of the languages used to create the original documents. No translation required.

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Multi-language Search

Whether locally, nationally or globally, the demand for supporting more than one language is high and growing. With Vectara, administrators can support the upload of data in some of the most widely used languages including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Korean and more. One user on the same site can search in French to find French content while the next user searches in German to find German content.

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Cross-language Search

Vectara supports cross-language search, the ability to search in one language for content written in another language. Discover first, translate later. The best available documentation for the most popular phone in Thailand might be written in Korean. Vectara can find information when the language used to query is different from the language of the original document. Whether interacting with a support agent or finding documents created by a colleague on another continent, the demand for cross-language customer experience is growing. Cross-language search is a breakthrough capability delivered by the power of AI and neural networks.

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People ask in different ways, languages and tones. Help them find what they need.

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