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Secure and Reliable

Vectara’s platform is secure and reliable. Large language models improve relevance. At the same time, the bigger the model, the higher the latency and the cost to tune, operate and scale. Some of Vectara’s biggest innovations are efficiencies in cost, scale, and performance without sacrificing security or reliability.

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Customer-managed Keys

Administrators can use their own encryption key to protect the data in their Vectara account. This is the encryption key used to protect and control access to any data indexed or queried. Customer-managed keys offer confidence and flexibility to manage access controls. Customers can independently control and monitor usage of their data by any authorized users and revoke all access at any time. Enabling customer-managed keys does not impact performance.

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Encryption at Rest and in Transit

Vectara implements a comprehensive data in transit and data at rest encryption strategy across the entire platform to ensure all data is protected. To protect data in transit, Vectara applies a multi-level approach. All network traffic between Vectara and client data services is encrypted with 256bit AES encryption. All traffic within Vectara, between services and across zones, is encrypted at the network layer. Additionally, all data persisted within the Vectara service is protected by symmetric encryption in all storage tiers by default. Vectara is committed to encryption in transit and at rest across the entire platform.

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Client Configurable Data Retention & Access Control

Vectara provides the option to process uploaded data into vector embeddings and structured metadata, and then discard the original documents and text. By not retaining any of the original text data, even in encrypted form, clients can elect to maximize data privacy. Additionally, Vectara’s permission model and metadata-based filtering allow clients to set up comprehensive Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) implementations.

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Replication for Performance and Fault Tolerance

Vectara offers multi-factor replication to increase the performance and availability of the service. With replication, Vectara remains available even in the event of failures of hardware, software or other environmental challenges. All traffic for replication is encrypted. Multiple replication factors provide better performance and availability than is possible from a single replication factor.

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Vectara backups are automated and fully managed, providing policy-based data protection of all corpora within a specific environment. Backups occur daily and are kept for a default number of days that enable the restoration of data in the event of an issue or failure.

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