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Executive Brief

Executive Brief on GenAI: Healthcare

With Vectara’s RAG-as-a-Service, healthcare businesses can embed GenAI quickly and easily without the risk of data or privacy violations.

Healthcare organizations now have a valuable opportunity to create a win-win-win scenario: use GenAI to improve outcomes and experiences while managing costs. The healthcare industry is also exploring GenAI’s potential to support clinicians and other staff with insights and recommendations. Imagine improving interactions at every touchpoint — this could revolutionize member and patient experiences and outcomes.

Vectara is an end-to-end platform for embedding powerful generative AI features into applications with extraordinary results. Built on a solid hybrid-search core, Vectara delivers the shortest path to a correct answer/action through a safe, secure, and trusted entry point. Vectara never trains on your data, which allows businesses to embed generative AI capabilities without the risk of data or patient violations.

With Vectara for Healthcare you are able to:
  • Improve patient care through more effective training of healthcare providers
  • Deliver information regarding patient care and customer service faster, more efficiently, and with empathy
  • Make sense of regulations and compliance
  • Hyper-personalize patient care while mitigating bias
Executive Brief on GenAI in Healthcare Services
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