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Case Study

SonoSim “Success Story”

Learn how SomoSim improved their educational content search with Vectara’s trusted GenAI platform.

SonoSim is dedicated to transforming medical care through ultrasound education & training. Sonosim needed to build an advanced search interface for question-answering to allow users to find content across multiple corpora collections. The team needed the ability to filter out low search relevant results and only deliver actionable intelligence to their end users. However, finding exactly what you need, on-demand, as an instructor or learner has become an increasing challenge as the SonoSim libraries of content and scanning cases continue to expand. With Vectara, Sonosim was able to:

SonoSim was able to:
  • Demonstrate the value of AI for their central use case
  • Increase efficiency and adoption of their training platform
  • Leverage grounded generation to increase the accuracy of search results
  • Enable remote end-users, business stakeholders, and the SonoSim sales team to prove their approach to ultrasonography.
SonoSim Success Story with Vectara's GenAI Platform - Cover
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