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Retrieval Augmented Generation

At Vectara, we also call this “Grounded Generation” because results are grounded in your data.

Have conversations with your data. Get summarized answers. Say goodbye to hallucinations.

What is Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)?

Some LLMs train their models on your data. Some hallucinate when they don’t know answers to your questions. Some lexical searches provide more relevant answers than solely semantic searches. RAG remedies all of this and Vectara offers RAG-as-a-Service (RAGaaS).

Retrieval Augmented Generation is the Answer

Whether it’s conversational chatbots, user generated content (UGC), or research & analysis libraries, your users get the absolute most relevant answers without hallucinations. Vectara has you grounded.

Best-in-class Retrieval – More Gold, Less Mining

Vectara uses hybrid search – large language model (LLM) based retrieval (i.e. “Semantic Search”) and boolean exact match to find the most relevant products, support cases, and documents that answer your users’ questions first. This means that your Vectara powered chatbots, Q&A systems, and conversational apps and websites can base their responses on the information you and your users care about – and none of what they don’t.

Meet Boomerang, the Industry-leading Retrieval Model

Simple Summarization – Search Less, Do More

Often, the answers to a user’s question don’t fall neatly in a single FAQ or a single webpage. Vectara doesn’t just summarize individual documents, pages, or products but helps answer the questions your users have by looking across them all before answering. This means your users spend less time trying to find the answers to their questions and more time enjoying what really makes your product or service unique.

Experience Summarization, Try our Demo Apps

Avoid Hallucination – The Truth and Nothing But

We’ve all seen chatbots making things up, telling users it loves them in the most awkward way possible, and selling competitor’s products. In the industry, these are called “hallucinations,” and in part, they happen because most generative systems understand language, but they don’t understand your business or when to just say that they don’t know. Vectara uses Retrieval Augmented Generation, which means that its generative system only relies on facts and data you provide.

Learn How Vectara's HHEM is Tackling Hallucinations

Privacy – Your Data is Yours

Many generative systems are training their systems on their users’ data, leading to PII, business/trade secrets, and even authentication details constituting part of the training. Vectara doesn’t train models on your data: we frankly just don’t need to. Our zero-shot large language models are highly tuned to understand many different types of business data and the questions that can be asked of it. Vectara removes the necessity of retraining models based on your data to accurately generate summaries and chatbot-style responses, because the very act of retrieval has already fine-tuned the data available to the generative model.

Learn About Vectara's Commitment to Privacy

“Vectara recognizes that generative AI creates value not simply by automating tasks but by empowering users to engage with their organization’s data in new ways. Vectara’s platform delivers conversational AI experiences that nearly always produce relevant, accurate responses. This team is on the cutting edge of developing responsible, highly valuable AI solutions. Their platform promises to mitigate LLM’s key shortcomings while broadening the range of potentially transformative use cases.”

Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Director of Research

Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University

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