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Complete LLM-powered Search Platform

Vectara is an API-first neural search pipeline allowing developers to deliver the exact search experience needed for any app or site. Vectara empowers developers to compose and deliver search powered use cases with full control.

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API-first NLP

The platform is API-first in every design element. The Vectara LLM-powered search platform lets engineers evaluate and iterate quickly to build production-ready features in minutes with automated service monitoring and industry-leading queries per second (QPS) performance and scale.

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App Search

Your users want to get to the point and get there fast. Vectara does both. Your application needs to provide an amazing navigation, discovery and content experience for users. Vectara can help. By integrating cutting edge NLP that uses large language models, focus your app on ideas and the intent of your users' questions, research, and purchase navigation, not their keywords.

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Site Search

Vectara helps users quickly find what they want with the most advanced semantic search platform ever built for websites. Index site pages, blogs, support articles, FAQs, documentation, whitepapers, product catalogs and manuals in formats from HTML and JSON to PDF. Do all of this in minutes. Customize it using Vectara’s robust API, available client libraries, and sample applications.

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“We need better search functionality and with Vectara, finally we have semantic search that works at scale. Everything from indexing, rerank and calibration. And as a developer, you can be up and running in minutes!”

DJ Patil, former Chief Data Scientist

United States Office of Science and Technology Policy

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