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Conversational AI with Extraordinary Results

Chatbots, Grounded in Your Own Facts

ChatBot Results with Citations

Use Case Features

Your users, customers, and employees want answers fast. But delivering the most relevant information means nothing if they can’t trust it. Vectara was built from day one to mitigate hallucinations, bias, and copyright infringement through best-in-class Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Business users appreciate fast TTV,  improved resolution times, and other efficiencies across the enterprise.
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RAG Enhanced Chatbots That Don’t Hallucinate

Vectara uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to ground chatbot answers directly in your documents. This means that chatbot answers have the full context of the data that is most important to your users. This combats the compression that plagues most LLM models and decreases the need for fine-tuning.

Building a Chatbot

Quickly and Easily Build Your Chatbot – Focus on Your Business

Make your conversational AI easier to use and more effective, with increased customer satisfaction and decreased cost of customer service. Increase conversions in your marketing and sales funnels with superior online engagement without needing a full ML team.

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Advanced Features for Chat History and Language Understanding

Vectara has advanced features for question retention and progressive chat handling that make your users feel like they are actually having a conversation. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Vectara Chat features mean that your chatbot will have an unparalleled understanding of user questions.

Use Cases

Industry-specific Applications of Vectara


Customer Service Automation – FAQs, changes to service levels, billing inquiries, problem resolution


Digital Patient Concierge – Locate, summarize, and generate health plan responses
Digital Clinician Concierge – Locate and summarize patient info to provide tailored, safe care.


Customer Service Automation – Accelerate resolution time and improve CSAT with the right answers faster


Virtual Assistants – Self-service FAQ for customers
Personalized Financial Recommendations – Investor acquisition, retention, and cross-sell/up-sell

“The performance jumps we saw in precision, recall, and F1 excited us to choose Vectara as part of the backend for our new chat service.”

Mark Jancola, Chief Development Officer of Conversica

Eric Savitsky

Chief Development Officer, Conversica

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Sonosim + Vectara Improves Educational Search

SonoSim is dedicated to transforming medical care through ultrasound education & training. Sonosim needed to build an advanced search interface for question-answering to allow users to find content across multiple corpora collections. The team needed the ability to filter out low search relevant results and only deliver actionable intelligence to their end users. However, finding exactly what you need, on-demand, as an instructor or learner has become an increasing challenge as the SonoSim libraries of content and scanning cases continue to expand. See how SonoSim was able to succeed with Vectara!

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