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Don’t Search.
Just Ask.

The most universal way to find information is to just ask for it. Vectara’s powerful end-to-end text-based GenAI platform unlocks cross-language search within your knowledge assets via simple APIs.

Just Ask.

Use Case Features

Your users, customers, and employees want answers fast. But delivering the most relevant information means nothing if they can’t trust it. Vectara was built from day one to mitigate hallucinations, bias, and copyright infringement through best-in-class Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Business users appreciate fast TTV,  improved resolution times, and other efficiencies across the enterprise.
Non-hallucinating Answers

Answers, Not Hallucinations

You can trust the answers that come from Vectara, because they are grounded on the facts from the data you have provided. We build and support models that are optimized for semantic understanding but also for exact, keyword-based matches. Our summarization is grounded in the facts retrieved from the indexed data. This means that we significantly reduce the probability of hallucination during the summarization stage; we provide an answer which is concise and sound based upon the intended meaning vs. rephrasing the underlying data. We enable you to make real-time data updates to your data.

Question-answering summary with citations

Citations Help You Dive Deeper

The key to tackling hallucinations is transparency on how the answers are sourced. Vectara provides linked citations so that summarized results are able to be reviewed directly by end users with no additional configuration. Citations are one of the best ways to show the power of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

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Superior Cross-language Support

Use Vectara to enable users to search in one language across content written in other languages and get accurate, relevant results. Vectara supports cross-language search, the ability to search in one language for content written in another language. All of this happens automatically in Vectara: there’s no need to set up manual 3rd party translation, custom NLP rules for different languages, or a litany of synonyms that map words and concepts, all of which can be the requirement to handle cross-lingual content and users in many other systems.

Use Cases

Industry-specific Applications of Vectara


Customer Service Automation – FAQs, changes to service levels, billing inquiries, problem resolution
Supply Chain Recommendations – extract insights to improve efficiencies


Digital Patient Concierge – locate, summarize and generate health plan responses
Digital Clinician Concierge – locate, and summarize patient info to provide tailored, safe care.


Contract Analysis & Negotiation – automation of negotiations by analyzing bills, trends and other supply data)


Doc Search – help analysts find accurate info faster)
Regulatory & Compliance Ask – ask service for compliance
Personalized Financial Recommendations – investor acquisition, retention and cross-sell/up-sell)

“We take our corpora, which we have a high degree of trust in, and everything is optimally authored by Vectara. Then we offer it up to our users, which creates many paths on their journey.”

Eric Savitsky, CEO of SonoSim

Eric Savitsky

CEO, SonoSim

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Sonosim + Vectara Improves Educational Search

SonoSim is dedicated to transforming medical care through ultrasound education & training. Sonosim needed to build an advanced search interface for question-answering to allow users to find content across multiple corpora collections. The team needed the ability to filter out low search relevant results and only deliver actionable intelligence to their end users. However, finding exactly what you need, on-demand, as an instructor or learner has become an increasing challenge as the SonoSim libraries of content and scanning cases continue to expand. See how SonoSim was able to succeed with Vectara!

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