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On Nov 30th, 2022, the world of site search forever changed. ChatGPT was launched, and the race began to help users realize a new vision for how to find, navigate and experience brands. To compete, you need modern search that uses the power of Large Language Models to uncover conversion opportunities that would have seemed like science fiction on Nov 29th, 2022. To do this right, you need the ability to update the content in scope instantly and to exercise fine-grained control of results. You need Vectara.

Still Searching? Start Answering.

If you aren’t reimagining information discovery, then you will very soon find yourself a relic of the past (because your competitors are).

Convert Visitors into Fanatical Customers

Visitors need to find exactly what they need quickly and easily. Empower them. Delight them. Excite them. Show them you understand what they are asking for and get it in front of them right away.

Precise Answers = More Conversions

Vectara has the best retrieval in the business. We understand what your users mean. And happier customers translate to higher CSAT, return visits, and higher revenue.

Vectara: Hybrid Search and Beyond [PDF]

In the AI era, how people interact with information has changed. Users expect relevant answers to questions in natural language, not a shopping list of hit or miss search results. They expect the best semantic or exact matches regardless of typos, colloquialisms, or context. Additionally, it is Vectara’s mission to remove language as a barrier by allowing cross-language hybrid search that delivers summarized answers in the language of your choice. The internet, mobile, and AI have made information accessible, now Vectara helps you find meaning quickly through the most relevant answers. Get to know Vectara, and if you have a question, just ask.

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Natural Language and Summarization will redefine your search experience

Let users navigate your site, products, services and content by asking real questions and getting real answers.

Unequivocally fast; both at ingest and prompt

Vectara is the fastest LLM-powered search in market, both for ingesting new data and for servicing queries the moment they are created.

Relevance that delights

No matter how they ask, understand your users’ intent and point them instantly to the best available information.

“Vectara is opening the door to transformational change in search technology, not only delivering more accurate and relevant results but making cutting-edge neural technology accessible to almost any developer. ”

Mike Olson

Co-founder and Former CEO, Cloudera


Top Large Language Models (LLMs): GPT-4, LLaMA 2, Mistral 7B, ChatGPT, and More

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Watch a live demo of Vectara in action to experience LLM-powered Search.

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