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Do you hear your customers?

Vectara provides an NLP platform that allows you to deliver great answers faster. With more accurate chatbot responses, faster agent look-ups, and smartly highlighted content, Vectara helps you delight your customers.

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Conversational AI (chatbots)

LLM-powered search is the difference between mechanical answers to pre-programmed queries and dynamic answers to complex questions where NPS and CSAT are on the line. Whether embedded within a chatbot or working directly alongside it, Vectara can help deflect support calls and help human agents respond to the most difficult questions asked.

Conversational AI (Chatbots)

Great self-service support needs great search

Vectara empowers support organizations to give direct answers to any question in any language. Surface clear, accurate product support recommendations with the power of Vectara’s natural language search API. From documentation, training materials, product pages, KBs, ticket history, community forums and partner sites, drive down support costs by providing great answers to tough but important questions.

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FAQ and Documentation Search

NLP has an incredible ability to support question answering and automate the response to FAQs using a knowledge base as input. By extracting answers from FAQs and product documentation, support teams can boost productivity, reduce case volume and deliver the absolute best answers to your users questions, no matter how they ask them.

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“Vectara helps us understand the intent behind the thousands of requests our agents handle every day to provide faster responses and more accurate information. NLP-powered search is improving the way we serve our customers and their end-users.”

Erin Loy, Vice President, Software Engineering


Vectara is customer service search

Every feature of Vectara is API addressable. Vectara enables engineers to index app and site content to build incredible search-powered solutions fast.

Check Out a Sample Chatbot

This chatbot-based sample application shows how to deliver relevant content to users no matter how they ask for it.

Getting Started Videos

Explore our video guide to getting started with Vectara’s neural search platform.

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Help your users find what they need. Learn how Vectara’s platform delivers breakthrough NLP in minutes to existing support teams.

Let your users feel heard and understood. 
Listen and respond like a friend.

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