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Conversational AI

Customers get answers quicker. Support agents handle more volume. Companies pay less for support, convert more prospects, and get higher CSAT scores, resulting in more revenue – win-Win-WIN!

Conversational AI

Evolving your conversational chatbot leveraging Vectara’s best-in-class retrieval can help your customers get their questions answered faster, with the most relevant answer, and with less human interaction, resulting in lower costs, higher CSAT, and better brand affinity.

Semantic Chat, it’s Easier Than You Think

You’ve already invested a lot into your chat solution, don’t start over. By using Vectara you can enhance your chat with LLM-powered language understanding and generation, all without the expense of hiring data scientists, building an ML team, or supporting complicated AI infrastructure.

Get Customers Talking with the Most Relevant Chat Ever

No one ever wants to “chat.” So understanding what a customer needs regardless of language, typos, colloquialisms (slang), or even emotion, is the shortest path to a positive outcome. And when your customers are happy, so is your business.

Speak the Language of the Bottom Line

Whether you use chat for prospect inquiries, customer support, or revenue conversion, it’s costing you. Now, imagine a 20% decrease in resolution time, 20% increase in NPS, and a 33% increase in # of customers supported. This is what Vectara can deliver.

“Through a very straightforward API, Vectara provides neural search capabilities leveraging large language models, and we found the Vectara platform is super scalable, and not only fast but consistent…. Vectara provides highly relevant results to human queries, and using Vectara we experience significant boosts in precision, recall, and F1…. This had a huge impact on the capability and enterprise readiness of our digital assistants.”

Mark Jancola, Chief Development Officer of Conversica

Mark Jancola, Chief Development Officer


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Conversational AI is easier than you think. Avoid the small talk and start delivering better outcomes with Vectara.

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