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Research & Analysis

Your business is information, but without an easy way to find what researchers are looking for, it’s meaningless. Find more, search less with Vectara.

Seek and Find

There are 1000’s of ways to say the same thing whether you call it nomenclature, legalese, or taxonomy. With Vectara’s generative summarization with citations, how you search, regardless of language or idioms, means you find what you are looking for and even get links to exact locations within your docs.

Simply Describe & Find

If you can help your analysts become more efficient at extracting insights from the data available to them, you’ll make better decisions. This is true whether they are doing financial research, drug discovery, or case law. People often don’t know the exact terms for what they are looking for, and instead it is most natural to simply describe the concept of what they want. This scenario is very difficult for legacy search systems to handle. But Vectara is the gateway that finds the relevant information no matter how you ask for it.

Make Language a Benefit, Not a Great Barrier

Publications in a sea of different languages used to prevent you from using them. Not anymore. With Vectara’s cross-language support of 25+ languages, answers are surfaced in your native language even if the source document isn’t. When language isn’t a barrier, the world is your oyster.

Your Documents are Your Superpower

Your data is one of your most valuable assets, but is it living in a fortress of solitude – inaccessible by your team? Are you extracting the value you should be? When researchers and analysts can find what they are looking for faster, this yields higher productivity, better decisions, and reduces time to market – this is Vectara’s superpower. Unleash the most relevant answers in seconds with Vectara’s generative summarization with citations. Free your data, empower your team and be a hero with Vectara.

“Vectara already empowers developers and engineers without AI experience to integrate best-in-class LLM-search into their apps and websites. With Grounded Generation, Vectara is expanding what’s possible through its platform with sophisticated question-answering capabilities that overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf models. ”

Wei Zheng, Chief Product Officer


Think beyond Search. Vectara’s semantic search with generative summarization will bring new value to your information assets.

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