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Startup Partnerships

Commitment to empower the Startup Ecosystem to differentiate and accelerate time to market in GenAI.

About Vectara Startup Partnerships

Vectara is helping eliminate complexity for startup developers and product builders to infuse GenAI functionality into solution or MVP offerings with Vectara’s Serverless Retrieval Augmented Generation-as-a-Service (RAGaaS). By partnering with Vectara, Startups are enabled with the full power of Vectara’s Trusted GenAI platform and enterprise-level features, milestone based success journey, and value-based financial incentive and benefits that reduce development costs to empower your GenAI co-innovation.

Startup Journey

Why Startups Build on Vectara

Time to Market

Differentiate and Accelerate MVP/Solution Development with Vectara’s Trusted GenAI Platform

Startup Journey

Success Journey

Tailored Enablement with Exclusive Access, Onboarding, Support to Drive Co-Innovation Time to Value

Build your Startup's GenAI Journey with Vectara!

Empowered Value

Credits & Discounts to Reduce GenAI Build Friction, Co-Marketing Support, Co-Innovate Partner GTM Alignment

Vectara Startup Partnerships

Who Should Apply

Startups looking to accelerate Time to Value (TTV) while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), then Vectara is your GenAI partner! All Startups are encouraged to submit an application, let’s empower your GenAI journey.

  • Aspiring to differentiate with GenAI, efficiently
  • Looking to reduce costs/time of GenAI development
  • Limited AI/ML resources to train, deploy, maintain LLMs
  • Developing RAG enabled vertical GenAI use-case solutions
  • Building/enhancing RAG enabled applications, products, or chatbots
Startup Benefits

The trusted entry point for GenAI with value-based startup benefits to accelerate success.

  • Enhanced access to Scale Plan feature of Vectara’s serverless RAG & API platform
  • Discounts and one-time platform credits (up to $5K to be used within 12 months)
  • Tailored milestone based onboarding success journey with premium support
  • Technical solution and roadmap reviews with early access to new features
  • Co-marketing alignment with launched joint integration (upon approval)
  • Joint GTM with “Powered by Vectara” offering (upon mutual business alignment)
Startup Qualifications

Designed to empower value co-creation and ensure mutual success in the GenAI ecosystem.

  • *Startup: Established Startup business with high growth potential
  • *Product: Integrating/developing RAG/GenAI capabilities into a MVP/solution
  • *Signup: Created a Vectara Account and submitted Startup application with Account ID
  • *Limitation: No prior credits received and commit to utilizing credits within 12 months
  • **Funding: Some level of funding to support ongoing development/production costs
  • **Participation: Active development with Platform APIs and launch of GenAI offering
  • **Marketing: Produce joint case study upon launch of Vectara integrated MVP/Solution

 * Indicates consideration requirements
 ** Indicates participation commitments

Startup Ecosystem

“The Startup Ecosystem plays a pivotal role in driving co-innovation in the era of GenAI. Vectara is forging the way to enable Partners and Customers to seize this future-shaping moment.”

Bader Hamdan

Ecosystem Chief

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Vectara investing in a Startup Partnerships Program?

Startup Partnerships play a pivotal role in Vectara’s Partner Ecosystem to drive co-innovation, and our aim is to empower startups to accelerate time to market in GenAI. Approved startups are provided with the full power of Vectara’s platform, financial incentive to get started, a tailored success journey, and value-based benefits to differentiate your business with Vectara’s Trusted GenAI Platform.

What’s expected of a Startup Partner to participate?

Aiming for mutual success, we ask for your proactive engagement in the program, alignment on the milestone based journey, proper utilization of Vectara’s platform, and collaboration on co-marketing activities upon launch of jointly integrated MVP/Solution.

If I’m not sure my startup qualifies, how should I proceed?

Startups embarking on a GenAI journey and looking to develop RAG enabled applications, products, or chatbots are encouraged to apply. Please submit a Startup application and we’ll be in touch!

What happens after I submit my startup application?

Our team will be reviewing your application and may contact you if clarification is required. If your Startup is approved, we’ll collaborate on your requirements to extend an appropriate startup offer based on your capacity needs, and provision your account accordingly. If your application is not approved, we’ll reach out on recommended next steps to continue your GenAI journey.

What happens as my approved startup offer nears completion?

As part of the success journey we’ll embark on together, we’ll proactively collaborate and discuss commercial arrangements to continue your development/production needs with Vectara. You may also continue to pay with automatic billing for any overages beyond any provisioned capacity at $7.50 per month for each additional bundle (one bundle provides an additional 5 MB in account size and an additional 1,000 queries per month).

What technical resources are available to get started on Vectara?

Vectara’s GenAI Platform is designed with simplicity and optionality in mind. Check out the Developer Docs to get started and prototype with our Vectara APIs and Github Repository.

What if I have questions or requesting co-marketing alignment?

Please reach out to our team, we’re happy to assist and empower your GenAI journey.

How can we partner as a VC, Accelerator, Incubator?

Please submit the Portfolio Partners application. We look forward to extending Vectara’s Startup program to your community, and reach out to our team with any questions.

Let’s Co-Shape the “Art of Possible” in the GenAI Ecosystem!

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