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Startup Partnerships

Commitment to empower the Startup Ecosystem & differentiate and accelerate time to market in GenAI

About Vectara Startup Partnerships

Vectara is helping eliminate complexity for startup developers and product builders to infuse GenAI functionality into solution or MVP offerings with Vectara’s “Grounded Generation.” By partnering with Vectara, Startups are empowered with a tailored success journey, value-based benefits, and access to Vectara’s enterprise-level features and credits to reduce development costs and enable GenAI co-innovation.

Startup Journey

Why Startups Build on Vectara

Time to Market

Differentiate and Accelerate Development with Vectara’s Generative AI Enabler Platform & LLM/NLU Models

Startup Journey

Journey to Success

Tailored Enablement with Onboarding, Support, Early Feature Access to Drive Co-Innovation Time to Value

Startups Apply Here

Value Empowerment

Platform Credits to Reduce GenAI Development Friction. Access Co-Marketing and Co-Innovate Partner GTM Alignment

Ecosystem Partnerships

Startup Benefits

Supporting the Startup Ecosystem with value-based benefits focused on enabling success.

  • Accelerate and differentiate your solution or MVP development with Vectara GenAI
  • A one-time credit of up to $5,000 to be used within 12 months on Vectara Platform
  • Advanced enterprise-level features to enhance your product offering by leveraging Vectara’s GenAI capabilities and APIs, including:
    • Grounded Generation to reduce hallucinations
    • Prompt engineering to customize generative output
    • Neural re-ranking model & customer managed keys
    • Custom dimensions & cross language hybrid search
    • Backups & replication for fault tolerance
  • Tailored engagement success journey to enable time to value as you onboard, ramp, and deliver your “Powered by Vectara” solution or MVP. With active development on Vectara Platform, gain access to:
    • Premium Support to solve implementation problems
    • Dedicated channel within Vectara’s Discord
    • Technical reviews and early access to new features and roadmap
    • Co-marketing benefits, joint branding, blogs, social, PR (upon approval)
    • Joint GTM benefits as a Vectara Co-Innovate Partner (upon approval)
  • Qualification into future Vectara Partner Ecosystem offers/programs for Startups
Who Should Apply

Startups looking to leverage best-in-class GenAI functionality for product development are encouraged to apply.

  • Aspiring to differentiate with GenAI capabilities
  • Building and productizing GenAI into solution or MVP
  • Having minimal to no AI/ML resources to build, train, deploy, maintain models
  • Building cross-vertical solutions focused on conversationalAI, question answering, and semantic search/research & analysis use-cases
Startup Qualifications

Designed to empower value co-creation success of “Powered by Vectara” solutions or MVPs.

  • Startup: High growth potential established within three years (verified on Crunchbase)
  • Product: Currently has a solution or already developing a MVP with GenAI functionality
  • Signup: Application submission with active Vectara Customer ID and valid credit card
  • Limitation: Credits to be utilized within 12 months, and no prior Credits were received
  • Consumption: Active program participation & properly utilize Vectara Platform & APIs
  • Marketing: Produce “Powered by Vectara” case study and co-marketing initiatives
  • Joint GTM: Successfully launch “Powered by Vectara” solution/MVP & partnership plan

Startup Ecosystem

“The Startup Ecosystem plays a pivotal role in driving co-innovation in the era of GenAI. Vectara is forging the way to enable Partners and Customers to seize this future-shaping moment.”

Bader Hamdan

Ecosystem Chief

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vectara Startup Partnerships?

Startup Partnerships play a pivotal role in Vectara’s Partner Ecosystem. Vectara is helping startups accelerate time to market for product development with Vectara’s GenAI Product Platform. Qualified startups are provided with a success journey, enterprise-level features, and value-based benefits to differentiate your business and help reduce cost of development, including up to $5,000 one-time credit to be utilized within 12 months of credits being applied to Customer ID.

Who qualifies to participate?

Startups with institutional funding of $1M+ looking to build their offering with Vectara’s zero-shot GenAI language-agnostic capabilities and have minimal to no AI/ML resources to build, train, deploy, and maintain LLM/NLU models.

What if my startup does not meet the minimum qualification criteria?

No worries, Vectara offers a free Growth plan to start your GenAI journey with Vectara.

What are the expectations of participating as a Startup Partner?

Active utilization of approved credits for purposes of building on top of Vectara’s GenAI Product Platform for development and ultimate launch of your Startup/ISV solution or MVP.

How do I apply for Vectara credits?

First, please collect your Vectara Customer ID by creating an account in the Vectara Platform Console. Then submit the Startup Partnerships Application and accept the terms of the program. If your Startup is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions on your approved credits and next steps. If your Startup is not approved or does not qualify, we encourage you to leverage Vectara’s free Growth plan to start your GenAI journey with Vectara.

How do I receive the approved credits?

Once approved, you will receive an approval email with further instructions on your approval, with confirmation of approved credits or next steps to follow to receive the credits.

Why do I need to add a credit card, how will it be used?

Adding a valid credit card in the Console Billing section is a requirement to issue the Startup approved Credits and will only be used for the sole purpose of accounting for exceeded usage beyond Startup approved and issued Credits. In other words, Vectara will never auto-renew the Startup into any payment plan or charge the added credit card for anything, except for utilization overages beyond the approved issued Credits, and prior to an established commercial agreement. The utilization overages will be charged to the credit card at the published rate. For reference and as of August 2023, the rate is $1.25 USD per bundle, where each bundle provides an additional 1,000 queries per month, 1,000 generative requests, and 5 MB incremental account size. As we get closer to Credits depletion, we will meet and discuss your usage trends and agree on a commercial arrangement that best fits your needs.

What happens once my approved Credits are depleted?

As part of our success journey and reviews, we will jointly discuss your needs and outline options to ensure the success of your development efforts with Vectara. As we get closer to Credits depletion, we will discuss alternative commercial arrangements that fit your needs for utilization of Vectara’s Platform, or you can continue to pay for utilization or overages at the published rate beyond the approved credits using the added credit card in the Console Billing section if you prefer.

What are the technical resources I can leverage to get started on Vectara’s Platform?

Vectara’s GenAI Product Platform was designed with simplicity in mind. Please reference our Developer Docs to get started and prototype with our Vectara APIs and Github Repository.

How do I request approval for Vectara co-marketing (press release and/or logo use)?

Please email us your request for approval.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or need support as a Startup?

Please contact us by emailing Vectara Startup Partnerships.

Who do I contact if I have further questions about Partnering with Vectara as a VC, Accelerator, Incubator?

Vectara aims to empower the Startup Ecosystem and look forward to collaborating on joint program offers with the portfolio and investor community. Please apply below and contact us if you have any questions by emailing Vectara Portfolio Partnerships.

Let’s build the “art of possible” with GenAI and co-shape the future together!

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