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Intro to Vectara

Join us to learn about the Grounded Generation capability that Vectara provides, and how it makes Generative AI safer and more cost effective to use

Mar 21, 2023 | 10:00 am PT

North America

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Mar 14, 2024 | PT




Past Webinars and Events


GenAI Revolution: Master Data Ingestion with Airbyte & Vectara
We would like you to join us for a joint presentation from Vectara and Airbyte to discuss the need for scalable, robust, and incremental data ingestion pipelines in GenAI applications.

The session will include a live demo of the joint solution, in which Airbyte will load documents from various sources into Vectara. Then, once in Vectara, we will show the querying capabilities.
This webinar will cover:
 Overview of GenAI Data Ingestion Challenges
 Introducing Vectara and Airbyte Integration
  Setting up Airbyte and Vectara
  Interactive Q&A sessions
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First Look: New Features in Vectara 2024

Get a first glimpse of new enhancements of the Vectara platform aimed at improving Hybrid Search, decreasing hallucinations, and driving toward better relevance and making GenAI applications even easier to build. Head of Product Shane Connelly will take us through several exciting product updates to give you the full picture of the advancement of our GenAI platform.

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Evaluating Hallucinations in RAG

Hallucinations continue to hinder the adoption of AI systems into production. Companies still do not fully trust that the conversational AI systems they build will not produce inaccurate results and degrade user confidence. Many vendors make claims to all but eliminate hallucinations, but to date, there are not many impartial mechanisms to quantity the amount of hallucination.

We will explore open-source tools that help provide visibility into the level and impact of hallucinations for many models.

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SonoSim + Vectara Success Story

On Oct. 16, 2023, SonoSim CEO & Co-Founder, Eric Savitsky, MD, delivered a talk titled “GenAI & Education Technology” at Vectara’s “Boomerang & Ecosystem Launch Event” at Vectara HQ in Palo Alto, CA. The medical community is hypersensitive to current hallucination risk and the context of this 15-minute presentation accurately reflected this balance.

During this informative talk, Dr. Savitsky detailed:

  • The importance of multi-modalities in consideration of AI implementation in healthcare
  • Why details matter in descriptive text inputs
  • Why SonoSim chose Vectara over a DIY approach

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Introducing Vectara’s Boomerang Grounded Retrieval Model

It’s now incumbent upon nearly every enterprise to leverage and integrate GenAI into their operations and offerings. Vectara’s Boomerang enhances the platform’s ability to bring the paradigm-shifting GenAI capabilities to nearly every organization and developer in a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and secure manner while substantially mitigating the risks of hallucinations.

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The Power of Hybrid Search with Vectara

When deploying Generative AI applications, often the outcome is only effective as the initial search and retrieval. To ensure the most optimal generative results, Vectara employs multiple search approaches to yield the most comprehensive results for developing chatbots and question/answer systems.  

Vectara introduces hybrid search, a large language model (LLM) based and Keyword (Boolean exact) retrieval to retrieve the most relevant products, support cases, and documents that answer your users’ questions first. Hybrid search supports models optimized for semantic understanding but also for exact and boolean for things like product and person names. Many other models are good at one, but not both simultaneously. Join Head of Product, Shane Connelly, as we discuss the evolution of keyword, semantic, and LLM-retrieval-based systems and the road to widespread adoption.

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Vectara + LangChain – 5 Reasons We Are Better Together

LangChain is great for quickly building a GenAI application, but what happens when you are ready to scale? Join Head of Developer Relations, Ofer Mendelevitch, as he discusses five ways in which Vectara can ease the transition of your LangChain application from a quick and simple demo to an enterprise-scale Generative AI application. LangChain developers gain immediate access to high-precision hybrid search, merging both neural and keyword answers via Vectara’s platform, and “Grounded Generation” (vis a vis retrieval-augmented generation) delivers only the most relevant answers grounded in truth.

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