Vectara Plans and Pricing

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Free up to 15,000 queries, 15,000 generative requests per month, and 50 MB account size. ~20,000 pages of text; enough to load the entire Harry Potter series 5x.

Starting at $0/month

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Access to:
  • Grounded Generation
  • Generative AI summarization
  • Hybrid search
  • Native neural search and indexing
  • Snippet extraction and highlighting
  • Multi language search
  • Metadata annotation
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Community support

A complete, secure, reliable and incredibly fast neural search platform

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All features in Growth, plus:
  • Higher-quality Grounded Generation
  • Neural re-ranking
  • Custom dimensions
  • Cross language search
  • Extended usage analytics retention
  • Replication for fault tolerance
  • Platform availability SLA
  • Customer managed keys
  • Backups
  • Premium support
Grounded Generation

Generative AI summarization

Summarized answers to your users’ questions are generated by our platform by first looking across all your data before responding.



Hybrid search

Provide the best answers to your users’ questions through search that is optimized to your data with a custom blend of large language model (LLM) based retrieval (i.e. "Semantic Search") and boolean exact match.



Search and Indexing Features

Vectara Neural Rank™ Model for semantic search

Neural model for document classification, retrieval, and ranking.

Snippet extraction and highlighting

Extract a snippet and highlight the relevant information from any retrieved document.

Metadata annotation

Extract file metadata such as document access control, source URI, document author, and other attributes.

Confidence scores

Get direct access to the ranking scores assigned by the platform.

Neural re-ranking

Neural model that re-ranks the top ranked documents for a given query.

Direct file upload support

Index documents in different file formats.

Multi language search

Index and search in multiple languages.

Cross language search

Search an index of a given language using queries in a different language.

Custom dimensions

Allow searches to be prioritized by customer-defined measures of relevance.

Configurable data retention

Submitted text data is not retained on Vectara for utmost data privacy.

Search across multiple corpora

Search across multiple indices or corpora at the same time.

Usage analytics retention

Access search and events analytics information.

14 days

90 days

Resilience and Geographies

Replication for fault tolerance

Improve fault tolerance, latency, and throughput of the service.


Configure backup retention to meet business needs.


Encryption at rest and in transit

Protect data while stored and when moved between two services.

Customer managed keys

Customer ownership of the encryption keys that protect their data.

Support & SLAs


Get support from user peers in a Vectara community forum.

Email and website support

Get support by contacting us directly via email or on our website.

Premium support

Designated hours to answer any question or help with any issue.

Business hours

Platform availability SLA

Service level agreement defining the level of quality and availability of Vectara’s services.

99%+ uptime guarantee

Named support contacts (# of)

Count of eligible creator(s) of support requests.


Response times

We make every reasonable effort to respond promptly. For production system outages, the target is within 1 hr.

1 hour


Maximum Number of results per query

The maximum number of results that will be returned for each query.



Number of corpora (singular corpus)

A corpus is a client-defined collection of data with a unique ID created via Vectara API or the Vectara Administrative Console.


Up to 500,000

Number of users

Allocated number of unique users within a customer account.



Number of admins

Allocated number of users in a given account that can control user access and define account configurations.



Size of reranker request

The number of results that will be returned by a re-ranker request.



Queries per month

Number of queries that can be issued per month for the account.


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Generative requests per month

Number of generative requests for summarizations that can be issued per month for the account.


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Account size

Sum of size (measured in MB) of all corpora within the customer account after indexing, before any replication factor is applied.

50 MB

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Ingest capacity

Aggregate number of MB of data ingested via any supported Vectara ingest API.

500 MB

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Additional 1,000 queries per month, 1,000 generative requests, and 5 MB incremental account size

$1.25 per month

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