Vectara Demo Apps

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Question Answering Apps

Ask LangChain DocsAsk questions about LangChain from their documentation (as of 08/16/23).
Ask NewsAsk any question about recent news events from balanced news sources of NPR, CNN, Fox, CNBC, and BBC. This refreshes daily with updated news.
AskFeynmanAsk questions about Richard Feynman’s famous lectures. Content provided by
Rare Disease Question answeringThere are over 7,000 rare diseases. This demo app is focused on about 50+ diseases and rare diseases that are categorized . It demonstrates Grounded Generation based on content from pubmed central and MedlinePlus.
Legal is a curated set of legal-aid resources for residents of Illinois. Ask questions about legal aid, based on these resources.
Ask HBSAsk questions about Harvard Business School.
Ask GSBAsk questions about Stanford GSB from the content on their website.
Ask UCLAAsk questions about UCLA admissions
Ask StanfordAsk questions about Stanford Student life (only publicly available information on that section of their website)
Ask Will LarsonAsk questions about engineering topics, based on all the essays of Will Larson (aka Lethain)

Tutorial & Demo Videos

FlowiseIn just 4 minutes you’ll learn how to build an AI chatbot to ask questions of your PDFs with Vectara + Flowise (OpenAI, LangChain, PDF)
Ask LangChain Docs DemoSee a brief demo of this helpful app for LangChain developers. Then use the link above and ask it your burning LangChain question.