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Vectara Demo Apps

Welcome to Vectara’s sample app demos page.

We have created sample applications that demonstrate the power of generative AI using various use-cases and datasets.


Conversational AI

Name Description Industry
IRS Chat Chat with an IRS AI Advisor. Finance
Physics Chatbot Chat about physics based on the lectures of Richard Feynman. Science
DataVolo Chat Chat with documents and slack messages from, ingested with DataVolo Technology
LegalAid Chat Chat about legal aid Legal

Special Bots

Name Description Industry
Debate Bot A chatbot that helps you practice your debate skills Education
Financial Bot Chatbot to answer questions about company 10K – Agentic RAG Finance
Justice Harvard TA Chatbot that can help a student with their studies of the Justice Harvard class, customized to their needs E-Learning

Question Answering Apps

Name Description Industry
Ask News Ask any question about recent news events from balanced news sources of NPR, CNN, Fox, CNBC, and BBC. This refreshes daily with updated news. Media
Ask LangChain Docs

Ask questions about LangChain from their documentation (as of 11/27/23).

Similarly, we’ve created documentation QA demos for LlamaIndex, Kubernetes, Docker, Ray, Spark, PyTorch, React and Algolia

AskFeynman Ask questions about Richard Feynman’s famous lectures, based on the full text of his lectures. Science
Rare Disease Question answering There are over 7,000 rare diseases. This demo app is focused on about 50+ diseases and rare diseases that are categorized . It demonstrates Grounded Generation based on content from pubmed central and MedlinePlus. Science
Legal Aid is a curated set of legal-aid resources for residents of Illinois. Ask questions about legal aid, based on these resources. Legal
Ask IRS Ask questions about IRS and taxes Finance
Finance Search Get answers to financial questions based on the 10K of various companies. Finance
Ask about government tech Ask technology related questions about the federal government Government
Vision2030 Get answers about KSA’s vision2030 project. Government
Australia Safety Regulations Ask about Australia’s latest safety regulations Government

Ask questions about content from Harvard Business School’s website.

Similar demos for universities are askGSB, askUCLA and askStanford.

Ask Will Larson Ask questions about engineering topics, based on all the essays of Will Larson (aka Lethain) Software
Ask Anabel Ask questions about social emotional learning and education, based on the works of Anabel Jensen. Education

Ask questions about the rules of MLB.

Similar demos for NFL and NHL.


Semantic Search

Name Description Industry
What’s that line Search movies for that quote Media

Tutorials & Demo Videos

Name Description
Flowise In just 4 minutes you’ll learn how to build an AI chatbot to ask questions of your PDFs with Vectara + Flowise (OpenAI, LangChain, PDF)
Ask LangChain Docs Demo See a brief demo of this helpful app for LangChain developers. Then use the link above and ask it your burning LangChain question.
LangFlow Step by step tutorial for using Vectara with LangFlow
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