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Getting Started with Vectara

Resources to Get Started

Getting Started Videos

Explore our video guide to getting started with Vectara’s LLM-powered search platform.


Getting Started Docs

Access our documentation and learn more about our product features and how to deploy Vectara.


Code Samples

Example code, in a number of different languages, for calling Vectara’s API within your site or application.

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Sample Apps

See Vectara in action implemented in a variety of real world search use cases.


Getting Started Videos

Getting Started with Vectara – Creating a Corpus

Get a fast intro to the product and creating a Corpora, and uploading your data.

Getting Started with Vectara – Querying your Data

Quickly ask questions of your data.

Getting Started with Vectara – Building Apps

Quickly build conversational features in your apps with our builder tools.

Getting Started with Vectara – Building Apps: Part 2

A demonstration of a React application built on top of Vectara.

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