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Financial Services

Vectara, your financial data sherpa.

There exists a sea of financial data that can help inform decisions and guide success. Boiling this sea of data into the most salient, actionable items is where generative AI shines.


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Turn Market Research Into Market Answers

Interact with financial data through a natural conversational interface that’s trained on your data.
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Use Cases

  1. Deflect support costs with call center automation
  2. Analyze market trends and patterns to stay competitive.
  3. Quickly summarize policies, documents, and other unstructured forms of content.
  4. Give analysts, wealth managers, insurance agents, and more the means to easily find and synthesize answers from a massive internal knowledge base.
  5. Incorporate a wider set of data into risk and fraud detection.
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Never Train on Your Data

Vectara never trains on your data and implements policy and across controls that are immune from prompt attacks.

Your financial data at least and heavily regulated at best. Vectara gives users the power to utilize their own data with LLMs without the fear of leaking IP or interjecting bias. With enterprise policy and access controls, users can only gain access to the data they are supposed to see.

 Universal Truth via RAG

AI services are great for answering broad questions about general knowledge but often fall flat on niche and specialized topics. Some vendors fine-tune models for specific verticals that often lose the broader context in sacrifice for the domain-specific knowledge. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) gives you the best of both worlds; broad domain understanding and specialized answers grounded in your data. This RAG operation also greatly reduces the impact of hallucinations, which can be especially harmful in financial services.

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Cross-Lingual Operation

Many companies allow you to ask a question in one language and receive it in another.

Vectara breaks down every word into the meaningspace allowing you to retrieve relevant information across languages and generate answers in any language. This also uncovers synonyms inside of languages to give our users the most accurate retrieval performance across languages.

“Generative AI will be enormously transformational for retail financial services, enabling greater personalization and efficiencies for the direct investor and those who are advised,” commented Stuart Frith (Founder of “Working with Vectrara and our industry partners, we’re able to see the exciting real-world examples of this – Stay tuned!”

Stuart Frith

Stuart Frith, Founder

CUSTOMER STORIES “Question Answering” for FinServ is using Vectara to derive personalized content feeds for four foundational persona types; adjusting content for tone and language. One of the differentiators is the platform is real-time, and prioritization is based on recency. This delivers the most time-relevant content to users’ feeds. plans to provide the service publicly and to brokers with a deeper level of control and tuning. As users use the platform, the Vectara model becomes more predictive, and over time, users not only retrieve accurate content but also receive better predictive content.

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