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Search-powered Applications

Your users are digital natives – and their intolerance for antiquated user interfaces is at an all-time high. Form-fills, check-boxes, drop-downs, and navigation trees are now officially an obstacle to quick, reliable, and personalized app experiences.

Natural Language Interfaces Change Everything

The most natural and intuitive interfaces are those based on natural language. Recently, Natural Language Interfaces, especially those powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), have captured the attention and imagination of the general public with their uncanny ability to understand user intent and deliver relevant responses no matter the topic or interaction.

A fast, elegant, search pipeline API

Cutting-edge neural technology accessible to any developer gets you up and running fast. Start delivering value, not promises.

LLMs constrained to your data.

Your team cannot afford to risk LLM-based interfaces that are over-trained or consider extraneous information.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU). A better experience.

Users search in natural language. Deliver more relevant “answers” with clear citations, not hit-or-miss keyword-based results.

Integrate Vectara via API

Easily enable your current application to accept prompts for search, conversational interfaces, related content and other discovery features via REST or gRPC APIs.

Integrate Vectara via API

Vectara’s powerful Developer-first, end-to-end platform is self-optimizing and allows your current application to accept prompts for search, conversational interfaces, related content and other discovery features via REST or gRPC APIs, giving developers access to cutting-edge NLU (natural language understanding) technology with industry-leading relevance.

Customizable data models

With nearly unlimited indexes, automated and client-defined metadata and filtering, and the power of Vectara’s InstantIndex capabilities, developers can organize and retrieve data for a wide variety of different use cases using the same reliable APIs and configurable data schemas for each application.

Don’t be disillusioned with other LLMs

The first publicly-available LLM-powered services, like ChatGPT, respond with a mix of public and private data. These foundation models exhibit impressive ability to understand user requests, derive the intention of the user, and return mixed-source data in an easy-to-consume manner. But they are also mostly a take-it-as-is approach with limited, resource-intensive tuning possible for controlling responses or improving relevance for your application.

Vectara is different. It delivers a multi-model NLP pipeline using Vectara-created LLMs purpose built for fast, cost-effective retrieval with high precision and recall that can be constrained to your data, the data you trust this minute or the next.

“We’re at a truly historical moment where the full potential of NLP has reached the level of science-fiction. Vectara is the first platform that harnesses this transformative power and makes it practical and useful, empowering developers everywhere with the most advanced AI available. I can’t wait to see the wave of innovation and utility that Vectara will unleash.”

Bradley Horowitz

Investor, Entrepreneur, VP of Product and Advisor at Google

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