Why Vectara?

Using cutting-edge LLM-powered search technologies, Vectara developed a Search-as-a-Service Platform that provides a comprehensive, easy to use, search pipeline within an integrated platform ideal for providing or augmenting search on your website or application.

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Unparalleled Search Relevance

Vectara’s LLM-powered search platform delivers significant advances in relevance when compared with keyword-based algorithms. With pioneering approaches to NLP using zero-shot AI models, Vectara delivers dramatically improved relevance over a broad range of content, from user generated content like reviews and comments to legal and scientific documents, without retraining.

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100% LLM-Powered Search

The Vectara platform applies complete vector encoding for all indexed content and all queries, allowing for a true meaning-to-meaning response that retrieves relevant information based on AI-powered interpretations of intent and context. No tuning or training is required of you or your team. Our machine learning flexibly handles misspellings and understands the meaning of natural language. No need for stopwords, tedious synonym management, and fine tuning of weights.

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Complete ML Search Pipeline

Vectara provides a low latency, highly fault tolerant platform that delivers a complete ML search pipeline from extraction, encoding, and indexing to retrieval and rerank. Vectara automatically routes data across relevant backend services to deliver supporting services from snippet extraction to calibration with a single, unified API. The platform is self-optimizing; it automatically fine-tunes the neural network hyperparameters to achieve and maintain optimized outcomes for each indexed data set.

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Vectara allows even a team of 1 to easily operate a highly available, scalable enterprise-grade service. We carefully monitor system latency, and our APIs allow you to query and index from anywhere. Using Vectara requires no specialized search engineering or AI/ML knowledge to use the most advanced search available anywhere in your site or applications.

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Cross-language Search

The Vectara platform operates across languages and delivers search that is truly language agnostic. Vectara delivers the ability to search in one language for content written in another language. No translations required. When the best support KB article for a new product is written in Japanese, but the search asks for it in German, Vectara will find it. The platform is native in the world’s most popular business languages including Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and English. Ask questions in any language. Retrieve results originating in any language.

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