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Workplace Search

Your users expect a modern workplace with products that help them get their jobs done quickly and correctly. This means finding information – real answers to real questions – instantly. They expect workplace search to look across files, emails, documents and other important data, no matter where it originated. They need a singular, highlighted answer, not a batch of pointers to documents.

Time is Money. Give Your Employees More.

When your employees spend less time searching, they have more time to be productive. Vectara helps you, help them, help your bottom line.

Always Relevant, Always Up-to-Date.

Vectara instantly looks across a wide sea of information within your organization and self-updates as soon as new sources are added. The only thing out-of-date is inefficiency.

Any Source. Fingertips Away.

Knowledge base. Employee manual. HR folder. Shared drive. No problem. Vectara brings them all together in one elegant search bar.

LLM-powered summarization

Deliver compelling answers to real questions instead of search results. A singular summarized response with clear references that provides a verifiable, single answer to any question.

Cross-language search

Let users discover information no matter the language in which it was written. From notes and transcriptions captured in client conversations in German to design documents in French, your users can ask questions in any major language and find results regardless of the originating language.

Natural language search in its most modern and useful forms

Your employees are asking long-form questions when they search on Google. They are interacting with chat-like interfaces to ask for help, surface ideas, and to find information on the public internet. Their expectations are shifting. Meet them where they are with truly natural language support for finding information at work.

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Explore the growing library of demo applications that are powered by Vectara.

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Read "Search by Meaning" and learn how LLM-powered search is different.

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Watch a live demo of Vectara in action to experience LLM-powered Search.

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