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Case Study

Obeikan “Success Story”

Learn how Obeikan proved out their GenAI pilot use case with Vectara’s trusted GenAI platform.

Obeikan realizes the power of GenAI to transform all of the businesses across their organization. They wanted an entry point to safely, quickly and wisely inject AI into their business and decided to start with a Chatbot for HR to answer often repeated questions from employees.  

With Vectara Obeikan was able to:
  • Demonstrate the value of AI for their central use case
  • Increase efficiency and adoption of their HR chatbot
  • Leverage RAG to increase the accuracy of search results
  • Enable remote end-users, business stakeholders, and the Obeikan sales team to prove GenAI's value driving 16+ use cases
Obeikan Group Success Story with Vectara's GenAI Platform - Cover
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