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Case Study

Oqood “Success Story”

Learn how proved out their GenAI pilot use case with Vectara’s trusted GenAI platform.

Oqood’s mission is to equip legal professionals with AI tools that significantly enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and the quality of their work, thereby saving valuable time and resources. They wanted an entry point to safely, quickly and wisely inject AI into their business units and products. Since launching their MVP just four months ago, Oqood has experienced a remarkable surge in user engagement, recording over 8,000 search queries, 200+ registered users, and signed an important strategic collaboration MOU with the Kuwait Lawyers Bar Association.

With Vectara Oqood was able to:
  • Equip their legal platform with strong generative capabilities
  • Increase efficiency and adoption of their Legal AI Search
  • Better distill data from hundreds of legal documents
  • Help any law firm navigate, summarize, draft, review, and manage their internal case files with unparalleled speed and efficiency
Oqood + Vectara Success Story Cover
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